Yearbook 2016

A reminder to anyone who would like their pictures/ articles or artwork in the yearbook to send it to


Yearbook Deadline is Getting Close

All the committees for the yearbook are looking for students to send in articles or photos so that they can fill this years yearbook with a lot of interesting stuff for you to enjoy. So please send in your articles into You can also send your photos for the yearbook into

They need your help 🙂

The Yearbook needs YOU!

The yearbook needs students to make posters with a drawing with the theme of happiness.So to see YOUR poster up in the school, get drawing!Include the following information; Date-May 18th, 2:00, concert hall. They need them soon, and remember; It’ll be

YOU trying to get articles and posters when you’re in 5th year, so collect the karma now!

Laurel Hill – SnaG 2012 Song Translation Competition

Laurel Hill students  translated ‘Don’t Stop Believing’  into Irish in 2010, ‘It’s a little bit funny’ by Ellie Goulding in 2011, and this year you have the opportunity to translate ‘Next to me’ by Emeli Sandé into Irish. You don’t have to sing it, just translate it. It can be done in groups or as an individual. The teachers will then pick the best translation and it will be put into this year’s Laurel Hill Yearbook.

Next To Me lyrics SnaG 2012

Listen to ‘Next to Me’ Youtube


Important Yearbook Schedule


Yearbook Schedule

W 8 Yearbook timetable given out
T 9
F 10
M 13 Midterm: No School
T 14 Midterm: No School
W 15 Midterm: No School
T 16 Midterm: No School
F 17 Midterm: No School
Wk 1 M 20
T 21
W 22
T 23
F 24
Wk 2 M 27
T 28
W 29
T 1
F 2
Wk 3 M 5
T 6
W 7
T 8
F 9  Deadline for submission of articles from students
Wk 4 M 12
T 13
W 14
T 15 Deadline for Completed Spellchecked Articles from the committees
F 16
Wk 5 M 19 No School:  Off for  St Patrick’s Day
T 20 Yearbook Editorial

Our 2012 Yearbook Has Begun.

It’s that time of the year again, it’s time to write our 2012 yearbook. Last years yearbook was amazing and this is a great chance to highlight the amazing work of the Laurel Hill students. There are many excellent artists, photographers, writers, sportswomen, musicians, singers etc in our school Everyone has something valuable to add to the yearbook. This is an oppurtunity to have your work forever remain in the pages of the yearbook on the shelves of the Kate O’Brien Library long after you have left the school.

We are looking to seeing your work

Email us:
Check out our facebook page:       Laurel Hill Yearbook

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