Hope the legs have recovered from the 30km Burren walk & that ye all enjoyed yourselves!
A written account of your venture project needs to be submitted to Miss Leo or Miss NiAnragan on Mon 30 April with your Gaisce booklet (signed by overseers of your community, physical and personal activities).
Planning /Preparation /What ye did /How it went /What you learned /What you would change& why?



Fourth year students and some fifth year students are participating in a walk for Gaisce this Friday in the Burren, Co Clare. They are required to organise accommodation, buses, food and numerous other tasks. Here at topbutton we wish them the best of luck in this walk and hope they have a great time .

Gaisce – Bronze Award Participant Activities

A minimum of 1 hour a week is required in each of the first 3 areas
1. Community Involvement: 13 weeks
2. Personal Skill: 13 weeks
3. Physical Recreation: 13 weeks
One of the above activities must run for 26 weeks, all others are for 13.  You can pick which one runs for longer.
4. Adventure Journey: Plan prepare and undertake a 2 day, 1 night adventure journey in a group. This will be organised through the school and will take place in the second or third term.