Your Questions Answered 2011 – 2012 (last year’s Q&A)

On this page we will answer any school related student query that we received via our email

These are questions that Amiens 1 asked us.

1.Can students bring their bags into Knapsack lodge during lunch?

No. Mr Cregan has given clear instructions to the students of Laurel Hill that no school bags can be brought into Knapsack Lodge at lunchtime. Student’s bags must be left in their base classroom.

2.What do students do if the red door (The door that opens into ‘áras naoimh iosaif’ in the sixth year gardens) is locked?

Normally it’s not locked and students can often think it is because it’s a stiff door. If it is locked, students can ring the bell or use the door by the lunch room.

3.Where do students leave their gear bags during the school day?

Students can leave their gear bags in their base class rooms at their form teacher’s permission.

4.Can students get a second locker key?

Mr O Sullivan manages all the lockers in the school. He gives any student who requires a locker, a locker  and a locker key for €10. Students can get their own locker key copied if they want a second locker key.

1. What is the official system with the stairs?

Students must do down by the handrail and up on the opposite side. (down by the hand rail and up by the wall) – Mr Cregan

2. Where do students bring their absent notes?

Students must get their absent notes signed by their year head. – Mr Cregan

3. What do students do if they are late for roll call in the morning?

Student must sign in at reception if they are late in the morning. – Mr Cregan

4. If the students have to leave school early for an appointment, what should they do ?

Students must have a note in their journal and signed by a parent or guardian and they must get the note signed by their year head. They have to sign out at reception before they leave. – Mr Cregan

5. If students fall sick during the day where should they go ?

They should go straight to reception. – Mr Cregan

6. Where do students put their gear bags  during the day?

At the moment students can leave their gear bags in their base classroom. A permanent alternative will soon be decided. – Mr Cregan


123 thoughts on “Your Questions Answered 2011 – 2012 (last year’s Q&A)

  1. Why can’t we stay in our base classrooms for lunch if we are allowed to stay there at break? Why do we have to go to the lunch room?

    • Bags are not allowed in the luch room as it is a rule made by Mr.Cregan.They are taken off you as it is breaking the rules and the amount of bags brought in would be dangerous.Also, putting bags on the tables is unhygienic.

  2. Do you guys have a suggestion section, if not I would like to suggest you to make one if it isn’t too much bother, it’s just a good idea 🙂

      • Well probably for the school, because some people don’t know where the suggestion box in the school is or just don’t want to put a suggestion and would find it easier to do so online 🙂 You could also have suggestions for TopButton, but that’s brilliant already! 🙂

        • Yeah I agree.. I think sometimes people find it a bit embarrassing writing out a suggestion and having to trek all the way down to the box.. if there was an online way of making suggestions as well, I’m sure more people would leave them.

  3. There was an announcement today about a school calender. I didn’t make it to the library and was wondering what kind of calender it is with pictures from school or………

    • The yearbook art committee are looking for student art pieces and they are also looking for art that they will put on the cover. You can hand ant art pieces to Ms. Enright or Ms. O Meara. Good luck with your drawing!

    • TopButton is holding a seachtain na Gaeilge competition. The aim of the competition is to think of a new great fresh idea that can be used in Laurel hill during the year or during Seachtain na gaeilge next year that will encourage students to actually use the Irish that they have. You can leave your idea at the bottom as a comment with your name or you can also email it to with Seachtain na Gaeilge competition in the subject line

  4. Are we allowed to hang up posters in the school for the elections for student council, for example posters that say ‘VOTE FOR ____’ ?? And what other things are we allowed to do around the school, asking people to vote for you?

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