Student Council Questions & Answers Page 2015 – 2016

Any student can leave a question on this page by writing it in the comment box below. Once the question has been approved a member of the Students’ Council will go to the relevant people and get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

Just like the suggestion box located near Knapsack Lodge in school, you can leave us suggestions here too! Simply type your suggestion into the comment box and send it to us. When leaving a suggestion, please stay anonymous so do not leave your name or email. None of the suggestions will be made public unlike the questions, but will be recorded and discussed to see what can be done about the suggestion!
We look forward to helping you with any queries you may have and also to taking your suggestions on board!

81 thoughts on “Student Council Questions & Answers Page 2015 – 2016

  1. Hi, TopButton here! Yes, Ms Ryan has said that she will be setting up a tennis team in the next couple of weeks. Ms O’ Reilly also had a lunchtime badmington team last year. We will find out more details and get back to you soon!

  2. Hi! I was wondering, how many lines should there be for the hot food queue? Sometimes there are two lines for hot food and two lines for soup,or one line for soup, but then some people get hot food in the soup line and it’s never really clear! Thanks

    • Hey TopButton here! No the First Year French tour is a fantastic experience! It is a great way to make new friends and see the sights of Paris! It is great fun! Hope you enjoy it! We would love to hear about it when ye come back! 🙂

    • Hi, TopButton here! Ms Ronan usually runs tag- rugby and we are sure that there will be a team this year following years of success. We will find out from Ms Ronan if tag- rugby has started yet and if not, when it will commence and what day!

      • Hi TopButton here! We’ve gotten in touch with Ms Ronan and there definitely will be tag- rugby going on this year for the Máire Hourigan cup. There will be one training session for first years, one for junior players and one for senior players.

  3. Hi TopButton here! Gaisce has become more environmentally friendly so now, nothing needs to be printed. If you do want to print off a signing- off sheet so that the instructors or teachers of your activities can sign it each week, you can do though this isn’t necessary. The important thing is that you log into your online account regularly and update your diary! Hope this helps!

    • Hi TopButton here! There is no microwave in the lunch room for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th year students as it is a privilege to look forward to come 6th year. We would need loads of microwaves if they were to be open to all students so being a sixth year will make you feel extra special when it’s your turn in a couple of years!

  4. Is the camogie blitz this Saturday for anyone who wants to come or for just the people that are told to come???If so where and what time is it on????

    • Mr. McKenna said that all supporters are more than welcome. There is a meeting on today, Tuesday for anyone interested. All supporters are more than welcome in Dublin on Saturday, leaving Limerick at 7.30 and the blitz will be on in Dublin at 11.00 a.m.

  5. For Gaisce, do we have to make a diary entry every week? We haven’t been told Also are we supposed to have forms to get signed?

    • Hey TopButton here! Gaisce has become more environmentally friendly & is nearly paperless now. Logs to be kept online regularly.
      If you miss your activity for a few weeks please tell Miss Leo or Miss Ni Anragain to save them chasing ye when they notice your logs have stopped.
      It’s easy to check up ok people doing activities through school as we will liaise with teachers who are kindly facilitating you using their activity as part if your Gaisce award.
      Spot checks will be done from time to time on external activities or we will ask ye to get an account of what you have been doing signed off by an adult who is overseeing your activity. Hope this clears up your question.

    • Hi TopButton here, yes of course. Here at the TopButton Headquarters we are close to the Student Council and are open to any suggestions you may have to make. The Student Council can then take these ideas further and discuss them at their meetings. This page gives all students an opportunity to bring forward any new ideas or recommendations they may have! Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  6. There are no locks in the toilets in the gym and the door opens when you are in the toilet. Could you ask for locks on the doors please?

  7. Are you allowed to wear light coloured nail polish to school? I know you arent meant to wear any nail polish but I sometimes see people wear nail polish so I was just wondering?

  8. when will the lost and found be open again because it hasn’t been open all last week and i really need to get my books out!!!

  9. for the talent show, is it only first years? and how many people do you have to audition in front of? i know it is the student council you have to audition in front of but how many people are you auditioning for on the student council?

  10. Hey Student Council! just have a proposition, in the morning before school a group of regular students go to the library to study, followed by a group of very noisy group of students. It is very hard to concentrate with the noise of the library that shouldn’t even be in there, and coming up to exams it is a crucial time of the year. Can something be done about this soon ? Regards

    • Student Council here, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Undoubtedly students should not be using the library for anything but reading and studying. It is unacceptable for any group of students to be noisy in the library at any time. We understand your concerns. Tomorrow we will contact the teachers in charge of the Student Council and we will return to you before the end of the day with a solution to the issue. Regards
      Student Council

    • Hi Student Council here, I have spoken to the Student Council teacher and we will take this into consideration next week as we are under pressusre organising the talent show and Student Council elections. Thank you for your suggestion and it will be passed onto Mr Cregan.

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