Wednesday Wonderland

Student Council are organizing a Christmas movie for each year to be shown on Wednesday 9th of December. To vote for which movie you want to watch click the links below. Each person can only vote once.

~ Student Council

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Student Council 2015/16

On behalf of student council I would like to introduce you to this years council members
-Isabelle McMullen (second year)
-Jill Doherty (second year)
-Aisling Lenihen ( third year)
-Edel Kelleher( third year)
-Emily Hill ( fourth year )
-Saoirse Meaney ( fourth year)
-Rachel Hunt ( fifth year )
– Ciara O Carroll ( fifth year )
-Laura O keeffe ( fifth year )
-Nicole  Kennedy ( sixth year )
-Ailbhe O Brien ( sixth year )
-Jasmine Moynihen ( sixth year )
We are always open to any of your ideas,suggestions and issues and are looking forward to working with ye in the future!

~Student Council