Unlucky Defeat

Our Laurel Hill senior soccer team played newport in newport last
Friday.After a tough battle Laurel Hill were very unlucky to lose by
just one goal. The final score was 2-1 to newport. It was a very
exciting match and the Laurel Hill girls did the school proud!


Our Soccer Victory!

Our senior soccer team were faced with their first match of the season against Villers Secondary School. The game was played in Villers School on their AstroTurf pitch. It was a cold, wet day but this was no obstacle for the girls. We left with our coaches Mr.McCarthy and Ms. McEnroe. Tip was at half ten and we were lucky enough to be reffed by an official FAI referee. An eager yet unexperienced Laurel Hill team took on a strong Villers team. By half-time we were up one! And the end result was 2-0 to us! We were over the moon with our win!