Hockey Team Building Trip- Photos

Hockey team building day in Derg Isle Scariff, November 19th 2105.


Hockey Blitz

Well done to all the girls in first year who took part in the hockey blitz on November 25th in villiers and crescent comprehensive.The teams played very well in all their games. Special  thanks to the Transition year students (Grace, Leah, Emma, Katie, Emily, Alicia, Rachel, Jennifer, Gillian, Niamh and Lucy) for the help and support they gave to the teams and teachers on the day.


First Year Hockey Blitz

TopButton would like to say a huge  “Well done” to all the first year students who took part in the first year hockey blitz in Crescent College Comprehensive on Wednesday September 26th.  At 8.50 am that morning, two buses set off  for Crescent Comp, the students all excited about the blitz.  The sun shone and great hockey  was played right through out the day. Well done to all involved, including the transition years who were the team managers and selectors for the day. We are now looking forward to the leagues ahead this year.

Hockey Training

Hockey training is on for junior and senior teams until 5:30 every Wednesday.There has been a great increase in attendance at training sessions and the school has great teams which are preparing for there upcoming matches,keep up the good work girls! And best of luck!