Motivation for exam years !

Here’s some motivational quotes for our 3rd and 6th years to help get them through their mocks. Good Luck Girls !



Gaisce and Ski tour Edmodo codes

There are now Edmodo groups for people going on the Ski tour or taking part in the Gaisce awards. To join you will need the Edmodo access codes. They are as follows:

Gaisce:  8n83ia

Ski tour: cj7vfw

Edmodo is available online or as an app.

Find Your Christmas Elf Name!

Christmas is approaching and everybody is feeling festive. Look below to find your Elf name. The funniest elf name will get a Christmas prize. Make sure to comment on our social medias; Instagram and Facebook or on the Top Button website with your name, elf name and class.

~TopButton HQ




Guess The Teacher

We’re running our first competition for this year: Guess the Teacher. We have 5 teachers all dressed up. Can you guess who they are ? Submit your answers to the box in the library with your name and class. The winners will get a Christmas surprise. Good luck!

~Top Button HQ











Top Button Correspondents

We’re looking for correspondents from every year to send us in articles so we can have content from each year.

If interested please email us at

Articles don’t have to be school-related ;they can be about music, films, books, recipes , sports or anything that interests you personally.

Please consider taking part as it is a great opportunity especially if you’re interested in journalism.

~Top Button HQ

The Irish Debating Team have reached the Munster Final

Hello TopButton. Iníon Uí Iarlaithe here.

I am writing this because I want to make inform all the students of the war of words, and battle of wit that will take place next Tuesday in the Dromhall hotel in Killarney. It is a temendous achievement for the Irish Debating team to have reached the Munster Final. They are a very hardworking and focused group of girls and have reached this far through sheer determination and effort. They have used their  fierce debating skills and superpowers of Irish grammar to reach this stage. They nearly got defeated by illness, but not even two vomiting bugs  in rounds one and three could dampen their powers.

They will battle against one all-male Cork city school, one all-female cork city school and one mixed county Limerick school. Only one of the four schools willl reach the All-Ireland final which will be held in Dublin on the 21st March.

The motion is  ‘Tá mórchinntí an rialtais seo ar leas an náisiúin’ (This Government’s major decisions will benefit the nation). Our girls will be against the motion. If you spot the debating team practising their debates in the hallways  be sure to stop them and tell them what you think of the government. It will definately help them on their way.

Most of all I would like to ask anyone that is interested in attending the debate to give their name as soon as possible to Iníon de Bhál as time is not on our side for organising (hopefully) the best bunch of supporters that Comórtas an Phiarsiagh has ever seen. Just think of it as temendous practice for your own leaving cert and a chance to have a good long natter as Gaeilge with your friends. It’s not  even every year that Laurel Hill  can reach this stage.

Eircom Junior Spiders Competition

The Eircom Junior Spiders is a competition for secondary school pupils who have their own blogs or websites. Last year TopButton as well as Rachel Maria Moore and Naayema Hussaini were nominated for  awarda and Shannon Grimes won the award for the Best Irish Language Website for her site

Any student that is interested in starting a new blog or website in Irish can contact Iníon Uí Iarlaithe for further information and help. This is a great opportunity for students to learn new blogging skills that will no doubt help them in the future with whatever career path they choose. This is open to all pupils in the school in all years. Irish language sites can be created by individuals and also by groups of any size on any topic as long as it is written in Irish.

Click the following links to see the two blogs that were shortlisted last year


ar an gcúlráid

Click here to see all the winning sites from last year

Laurel Hill Open Night.

Laurel Hill hosted it’s annual open night on the 26th September from 7pm to 9pm. Eagar young girls from 6th class along with their parents gathered in the Chapel where they recieved a talk on why their daughters should attend Laurel Hill. So many people arrived they had to fill the chapel 3 times! Then they were split into groups and given tour guides and sent to explore the school! Some groups came to visit me in the TopButton headquarters where I gave them a talk about TopButton and what our aims are. Many people were interested and felt it is a great idea! The groups then got to see a great performance of “Jitterbug” and “Time of my Life” from our musical cast who will be performing “Back to the 80s” in November.

From what I heard the parents and children enjoyed the open night, the only complaint I heard was about the stairs but that is to be expected!
Thank you to everyone who helped out and made it a sucessful night.

Launch- TopButton is back!

As most of you may have known, the TopButton launch was held today 27th September, during lunchtime in the Concert Hall, setting TopButton off to a fresh start this new school year. The launch promised food, games prizes and more and did exactly that. Great fun was had by all having a go at pinning a school tie onto a shirt, guessing how many packets of chocolate buttons were in a jar and enjoying the music and refreshments provided. Having had ninety six guesses for our “Guess the Jar” competition, only three students succeeded in guessing the right number, 23. Those lucky girls were Tiffany O’ Neill A2, Emma Moloney P2 and Dervla O’ Neill P2 who can collect their prizes at reception!

This year, at the TopButton Headquarters, we hope to take TopButton to a whole new level. Our aim is to inform both teachers and students of what’s going on in Laurel Hill everyday to build the school spirit and to help out and advise any students who may have any questions, queries or difficulties. We plan on updating you all on any trips or events that have or will be taking place and we hope to provide you with lots of photographs, videos and interviews throughout the school year. We want to do this so that students will be able to look back on TopButton and relive their memories, for students to get more involved in any activities and for students to get the most enjoyment possible out of Laurel Hill.
We thank everybody who attended  our launch today and the teachers and principal for believing in our ability to pull off the event perfectly. We hope TopButton will go beyond everyone’s beliefs this year and we are delighted to be a new group of students, ready and excited to take have taken over TopButton.