Indoor 60 m winner in athletics

Well done to Nickola Stevankova who was a winner in the indoor 60m athletics competition.




Find Your Christmas Elf Name!

Christmas is approaching and everybody is feeling festive. Look below to find your Elf name. The funniest elf name will get a Christmas prize. Make sure to comment on our social medias; Instagram and Facebook or on the Top Button website with your name, elf name and class.

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Guess The Teacher

We’re running our first competition for this year: Guess the Teacher. We have 5 teachers all dressed up. Can you guess who they are ? Submit your answers to the box in the library with your name and class. The winners will get a Christmas surprise. Good luck!

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Hockey Blitz

Well done to all the girls in first year who took part in the hockey blitz on November 25th in villiers and crescent comprehensive.The teams played very well in all their games. Special  thanks to the Transition year students (Grace, Leah, Emma, Katie, Emily, Alicia, Rachel, Jennifer, Gillian, Niamh and Lucy) for the help and support they gave to the teams and teachers on the day.


Top Button Correspondents

We’re looking for correspondents from every year to send us in articles so we can have content from each year.

If interested please email us at

Articles don’t have to be school-related ;they can be about music, films, books, recipes , sports or anything that interests you personally.

Please consider taking part as it is a great opportunity especially if you’re interested in journalism.

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Candy Canes

Reminder to all first years that purchased candy canes from the Topbutton team last week, Your Candy canes will be given out next week sometime so look out for our first year correspondent and our Topbutton Team. We here at Topbutton hope all of you hillians have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

First Year Blues

Hi there!

I’m here to give you some tips for those first years! So whether its lunch, tests or friends you are worried about, I’m here to give you the scoop!

This week, we’ll focus on Christmas tests, since they’re coming up soon.

Here are my Top Five Tips’n’Tricks for learning and mastering your subjects!


1. Know Your Weaknesses!

Everyone has strong points; so whether it’s maths or English, art or geography, know which one you need to study less at. If you have no clue whatsoever though, just make a simple test for yourself on each subject. Easy!

2. Make A Journal.

This tip really is useful. For my French class, we just have one copy to cram all our notes and exercises in, so it gets confusing when I’m trying to learn the verb Aller, but can’t find it with my reading comprehensions in the way. So, I got a spare copy and began writing all the things I need to catch up on. This is great for maths too, to help you learn all those tricky formulas and rules.


Okay, this may sound babyish and annoying, but learning your tests through song can really help. Catching up on your verbs? Go Youtube it! Need to revise your Aimsir Chaite? Straight to YouTube! Don’t forget you can make up your own rhymes with your friends if none of the songs stick, as making it up yourself can be easier and way more fun!


Yes, I totally agree with you on that. I mean, who wants to be studying when a new shop opened in town? Or Glee is on?

Well the unfortunate fact is, we do have to do it. Even when You feel like your head might explode, you’ve really no choice but to study, as 1st year really is the base for the rest of Secondary school, just as secondary school is the the base for College. I mean, if you want to be a primary school teacher you need to know these basics for the harder stuff. And if you want to be a lawyer you need to remember the rules of CSPE, no matter how pointless it may seem. But remember, that in just six years, you will need to remember all this boring stuff we call homework so our future will be bright and healthy, without any long expensive loans or tiring full time jobs we have no passion for.


5. Time out!

Yes, studying can be a drag, even with all those tricks up top. But don’t forget you need a bit of me time too, cause if you’re only thinking tests, tests, tests you can forget about your social life and health. So maybe take an hour and a half to paint your nails while watching the new episode of Hollyoaks? Or take a nice hot bath while reading your favourite book? Whatever you choose, make sure its relaxing and fun, because in the end, its only a score and there’s always next term to make your stamp.

But if you really, really feel like you are struggling, you could make a timetable so you know which and what to do. So here’s an example;


9.00-3.30 school

3.30-4.30 dinner & rest

4.30-5.00 Geography Study

5.00-5.40 History Study

5.40-6.30 Irish Study

6.30-7.00 written homework

And so on! That’s all I have time for today guys, sorry. But don’t forget to check Top Button next time for some advice of 1st Year Blues!

The Irish Debating Team have reached the Munster Final

Hello TopButton. Iníon Uí Iarlaithe here.

I am writing this because I want to make inform all the students of the war of words, and battle of wit that will take place next Tuesday in the Dromhall hotel in Killarney. It is a temendous achievement for the Irish Debating team to have reached the Munster Final. They are a very hardworking and focused group of girls and have reached this far through sheer determination and effort. They have used their  fierce debating skills and superpowers of Irish grammar to reach this stage. They nearly got defeated by illness, but not even two vomiting bugs  in rounds one and three could dampen their powers.

They will battle against one all-male Cork city school, one all-female cork city school and one mixed county Limerick school. Only one of the four schools willl reach the All-Ireland final which will be held in Dublin on the 21st March.

The motion is  ‘Tá mórchinntí an rialtais seo ar leas an náisiúin’ (This Government’s major decisions will benefit the nation). Our girls will be against the motion. If you spot the debating team practising their debates in the hallways  be sure to stop them and tell them what you think of the government. It will definately help them on their way.

Most of all I would like to ask anyone that is interested in attending the debate to give their name as soon as possible to Iníon de Bhál as time is not on our side for organising (hopefully) the best bunch of supporters that Comórtas an Phiarsiagh has ever seen. Just think of it as temendous practice for your own leaving cert and a chance to have a good long natter as Gaeilge with your friends. It’s not  even every year that Laurel Hill  can reach this stage.