TopButton Editorial Team 2015-2016


Emily Gilligan

Leah Moore

Niamh Murphy

Grace O’Connor

Photography Committee

Rebecca Dooley

Niamh Kiely

Aoife McAuliffe

Dara McDermot

Rachel Murphy

Ornait O’Connell

Danielle Russell

Marketing Department

Maeve Cooke

Jenny Copley

Hazal Kangal

Aisling Kennedy

Emer Kennedy

Rebecca Moore

Amie Nash

Erica Sheehan

Sports Correspondent

Aisling Coughlan

Dearbhla Egan

Esra Kangal

Niamh Powell

Olra Ryan

Social Media

Kate Drew

Lauren Kelly

Breeda Lynch

Rebecca O’Donnell

Clodagh Powelltopbutton


12 thoughts on “TopButton Editorial Team 2015-2016

    • Thanks Sharon.
      Iníon Uí Iaralithe here. Our top button team is disbanded for the summer months so I am replyiong for them. We love our TopButton name. We have taken to it like fish to water. We don’t stipulate whether it means topbutton opened or closed, we leave that up to the imagination. We would be interested in hearing more about the ‘Top Button Open’ newsletter. The TopButton topic obviously never goes out of fashion!

      Iníon Uí Iarlaithe/Ms. Herlihy

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