Thoughts on Petersburg

The Top Button crew got feedback from different students who went to Petersburg. Everyone really enjoyed it and no-one wanted to leave! ~Top Button HQ

~ Amazing experience, absolutely loved it! Brought the year so much closer !

~So much fun and such a fantastic experience. I got to know so many of the girls better, it was such a good bonding trip.

~ Great times with great people.

~It was a great experience and everyone tried things they never did before! I didn’t want to come home!

~Great week for all, joy and fun was had. We left with a smile on our faces. Lots of new friends were made. Super Trip!

~Feel like the year is closer and had so much fun in the activities!

~ Loved it and got to know lots of girls in my year!

~Lots of fun with new people really enjoyed the activities and talked to people I didn’t know.

~It brought our year so much closer, I got to know people in my year and I got to try new activities I hadn’t done before.

~ Made lifelong friends

~We had great craic every night doing a sing-a-long with the teachers.


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