Petersburg outdoor adventure centre

Last week the whole 4th year group went on an outdoor pursuits trip to Petersburg in County Galway from Tuesday to Friday.  It was a very eventful trip. Students took part in water activities such as Gorge Walking, Kayaking, Caving, Stand up Paddle Boarding. Land Activities included Abseiling, Hill Walking (1&2), Orienteering, Obstacle Course (Army Style) and Rock Climbing. All of the students took part in most of these activities.  Students stayed in dormitory accommodation. Ms Butler, Ms Moynihan and Mr Kelly accompanied us.

On the way up to Petersburg we stopped at Galway Shopping Centre for an hour where we stocked up on goodies, and to have a bite to eat. Petersburg was still 2 hours away. With the excitement mounting we finally reached our destination- Petersburg Outdoor Adventure Centre. After we had unpacked our bags we headed down for lunch and a briefing. Afterwards we divided into activity groups.  Some went Kayaking, others went Gorge Walking, Abseiling, Hill Walking and Caving. Each activity lasted for two hours. After our amazing first activity we all ran back to take our wetsuits off and to jump into a nice warm shower. Each day different groups would set up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In the evenings after dinner we would have a different activity such as Orienteering in the dark, Environmental Art, Egg Drop and a Walk in the Woods at night blindfolded. After each activity in the day students would be treated to Hot Ribena and Biscuits. it was the highlight of the year so far.


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