Junior 7 a-side All-Ireland Champions!

Munster 7 a-side blitz!

On Monday the 5th of October, our school set out for a trip to Mallow for the 7 a-side Munster competition!

There were 3 teams from Laurel Hill. The A team played their first match against Lismore where Laurel Hill came out with a strong win. In the second match they played against our own Laurel Hill B team, both teams gave a great performance, but our A team came out with a win. Then they reached the final and faced Scariff. Laurel hill were successful against Scariff and came out with the win and were awarded The Munster title.

The B team entered the same competition as the A team but didn’t come out with a win ☹. The C team had a tough group with Rathkeale and Clonakility in it.  Unfortunately they came out with no wins either. It just wasn’t the B and C teams day.

It was a great day out and we are looking forward to the All-Ireland blitz.


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