TY Outdoor Pursuits-What to bring

I hope you will find this list useful to give you an idea what to bring with you on your journey to Petersburg.Please do not buy new gear to come here. Also bring old clothes as they may get soiled and will get wet.

In Summer: Sun Screen, midge repellent,lip balm, t-shirt/ shorts.

In Winter: Hat, gloves, water jacket.


1. Tracksuit or fleece

2. Warm jumpers/ fleeces

3. Changes of Socks and Underwear

4.Towels/Shower gear

5.Swim wear AND a spare pair of old shorts

6.2 pairs of Runners – one pair that will get wet

7. Boots/Wellies

8. A complete set of dry clothes to wear home

9.  A plastic bag for wet clothes

10. Any medication required

Extra Items for Residential/Expedition Group

1.  Quilt or Sleeping Bag

2. Torch

3.  Rucksack + liner (large black plastic bag)

4.  Rain Gear – leggings and jacket

5. Camera


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