TY’s are to display a portfolio at the end of the school year. Here are some guidelines on what to put into the final portfolio:
1. Overall reflection on my Transition Year Experience
This section is one piece of work which illustrates what Transition Year means to you . This piece can take any form you choose.
However, if it is a written piece it must be at least one typed A4 page.You are free to choose the medium , or form for this item. For example it may take the form of a poem,song,drawing etc.
This item will be prepared in the final term.
2.Top 5 Experiences of TY
5 items which represent your top five experiences while in Transition Year.
Students need to write about these experiences and explain why they have chosen it as a highlight of the year. Again, you may include photos, drawings etc.
Trips such as the TY trip ,Ski Tour or the Croagh Patrick trip and workshops such as drumming/dance or guest speakers, enterprise etc. may be included here.
3.Samples of Course Work from all my Subjects and Modules
Samples of work from core subjects/modules completed by the students.
Where students intend to include an assignment which has been submitted for assessment and not yet returned they should explain what the assignment is and their intention to include it under the relevant subject heading.
Book Review: All TY students will have to prepare at least 3 book reports
4.My Personal Achievements
In this section students should write about examples of their participation and engagement with the wider school community outside of normal classwork.
Examples of items you could include here are your work experience placements , involvement in after school activities (football,hockey,basketball,camogie) , the TY committee , the school musical, helping out with parent teacher meetings/open day , Gaisce etc.


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