Ski Tour!

The ski tour is fast approaching.
33 TYs and 4 staff will be travelling to Pila in Italy from 11-18 February.
They are going to Pila in the north of Italy.
Here are the flight details  flying from Dublin with Aer Lingus on 11 Feb at 0730 and returning to Dublin on 18 Feb at 13.15.  The fact that we ar with Aer Lingus means we can have 20kg in our suitcases. Excess weight will be charged.
The hotel is called Valtur Magic Pila.  Room alllocation will be supplied closer to the time.  More info on the area is available on:

Please ensure you have brought home the insurance information (given out in September) and paid money in full.  The overall cost will be €1150.  Any students who have already paid the full  €1200 will be refunded €50 at the beginning of the trip.

All students were told in February to get an EHIC card or to check their existing one is in date. These are available online through your health board. To register or renew you just need your PPS no. Please check or register for this immediately to ensure you have yours for the tour on

-Ms Leo


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