Guess the Teacher – Baby Edition!

We are back with more Guess the Teacher, this time, with babies. We have made it easier this time by giving you a list of 3 teachers, one of which will be the teacher in the photo. Guess the teacher from the list and put your answers in the box in the library tomorrow! Winner will be announced tomorrow

Picture 1:


Is it :

  • Ms Creaven?
  • Mr McKenna?
  • Mr Kelly?

Picture 2:

Ms Law

Is it :

  • Ms Lawless?
  • Ms Moynihan?
  • Ms Quille?

Picture 3:

Ms Smi

Is it :

  • Ms McKeogh?
  • Mr O’Sullivan?
  • Ms Smith?

Picture 4:

Ms Crowe

Is it :

  • Ms Crowe?
  • Ms Butler?
  • Ms Cashman?

Picture 5:

Ms Maher

Is it :

  • Ms Kenneally?
  • Ms Carroll?
  • Ms Maher?

Picture 6:

Ms Thompson

Is it :

  • Ms Enright?
  • Ms Thompson?
  • Ms Ronan?

Picture 7:

Ms McKeogh

Is it :

  • Ms McKeogh?
  • Ms Leo?
  • Ms Normoyle?

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