World Marathon Challenge

On the 1st on October 2014, 2 bus loads of first years headed to U.L. for the World Marathon Challenge. The rules were that a team of 30 (ten were picked from each of the class groups) ran a 200 metres at a time until they had completed the distance of a marathon. This made it that each girl ran 1 km and 400 metres by the time we had finished.
  The Save the Children World Marathon Challenge is a relay event for school teams who race other teams from all over the world. The teams cover a full marathon distance 42km , whilst attempting to beat the world marathon record.
The event coincides with the United Nations’ World Food Day. Save the Children uses this opportunity to highlight the devastating impact malnutrition has on millions of children’s lives.
We left Laurel Hill at nine and were at the Stables in U.L. not long after, from there we walked down to the running track where our thirty girls warmed up and stretched and got ready. When all eight schools who were participating were ready and lined up, eight famous limerick sportsmen and woman ran the first 200 metres, handed over the batons and the race began.
2 hours later and the girls were nearing the end, they were all fit to collapse they were so tired but they didn’t give up, finally it came down to our last runner, Orlaith Kelleher and as she rounded the final bend she was greeted by the rest of first year, screaming and shouting and running the last bit with her. We had done it!
      We then found out we had come first in the all girls school category and fifth overall. We would highly recommend this competition to girls next year as you can have some good craic, exersize and a fun day out whilst helping poor children all around the world.
Aisling Daniels Patrick 1

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