TY Graduation Night

Last Wednesday, 14th May the TY class of 2014 had their graduation. All the girls spent the day leading up to the graduation displaying their work from throughout the year in the concert hall, and everyone enjoyed reminiscing about the laughs they had putting all the amazing projects together. At 7:30 the girls parents filed into the concert and were astounded by work showcased by the girls.

After this, the moment of truth arrived and the girls got to see if all their work during the year payed off, when they received their certificates! Mr McKenna was pleased to say that this year of TY’s received more distinctions than any year before. Next, Mr McKenna presented the Spirit of Ty award which is given to whoever the school staff believe has used TY to their best advantage and represents what TY is about, this high honor was given to our very own Sinéad Mcnamara (I mean who else would get it?). All of fourth is so proud of Sinéad and no one deserves it more.

Following the presentations, the parents were treated to performances from the TY students including excerpts from Angela’s Ashes the musical, a history project put together by 14 students and led by the wonderful Ms. Allen, and a performance of the national award-winning mini-musical, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. The girls put their all into these performances and it was great to see how talented the TY’s are . 

Overall it was a great night and an amazing way to finish the year.  I hope all the girls made the most of it because unfortunately TY is coming to an end and the hard work begins now!


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