Ski Tour 2015

33 students and 4 staff are going to Andorra again for the ski tour in February.  This time the resort they will go to is called Pas de la Casa which is a higher resort in the Pyrenees.
They tour will take place Wednesday 11 February until Wednesday 18 February.  All travelling are advised to borrow ski gear from girls who have gone over the last few years.  Some present TY, fifth and sixth years might be interested in selling on their ski gear second hand so be sure and ask around.  You will need:
Ski suit 
Ski socks
Ski gloves
All these will be available to buy new in Lidl and Aldi prior to the tour but the TYs fifth and sixth would probably be glad to see these pieces on.
Please ensure all travelling are up to date with payments before the summer as it will make things easier next September.  
Any girls who do not play a sport should try to get out walking over the summer to build up fitness for the tour as it will be tiring for all.Image


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