Croagh Patrick

We here at TopButton would like to say well done to the 44 Transition Years who climbed Croagh Patrick last Thursday. It is a huge achievement and a great thing to have done! The girls had a great day and considered it a highlight of TY overall. 

The girls left the from the Redemptorist at 8 in the morning. After a journey of over 3 hours (including a stop for food!) they finally reached the mountain and let’s just say that when they saw the size of the mountain they were regretting signing up in the first place! 

It ended up being a really enjoyable day for everyone involved. There were a few injuries but nothing major thankfully! The girls felt both relieved and slightly underwhelmed when they reached the top because it had been beautifully sunny and cloudless the entire way up but as soon as they reached the top, the fog and mist came in. 

However, all in all, it was a great day. The girls would like to thank Mr. Cregan, Mr. McKenna and Ms. Leo who accompanied them on the trip and put up with the moaning on the trek up the mountain!  


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