First Year Column

*The French Tour!*
(If you’re not going on this tour, feel free to jump to the bottom of this post!)
Can you feel the excitement? The nerves? The frenchness??
I can!
And I’m here to give you some DOs and DON’Ts for this trip!

~DO bring an adapter~ your probably gonna have some sort of camera or phone that’s gonna need its juice so don’t forget an adapter so you can charge it!

~DO pack clothes!~ ok! this is obvious, I mean what are you gonna do, walk around Paris in your birthday suit? No, what I mean is pack sensible clothes- so no mini skirts or v-line tops that go wayyyyyy past your chest or whatever- you may be in Paris, but it’s still a SCHOOL TRIP!

~DO leave space in the case!~ you’re more than likely gonna bring home some goodies for the fam’ so make sure not to overdo on the packing and leave some space for those Disney cups and t-shirts!

~DO make a list n’ check it twice~ you’re gonna be away for 5 days (which also equals 120 hours or 7200 minutes or 432000 seconds) so make sure that you know what you’re bringing so that you can check before you leave you haven’t lost, forgotten or misplaced anything.

~DO bring a book~ what if the electricity goes out? Or your charge on your phone decides that it’s gonna give up? Or GOD FORBID THE WI-FI TURNS OFF!?
Well, I’d pack that Hunger Games book you just haven’t retread for the five millionth time or that crappy book that your aunt gave you on knitting-whatever! Just something to pass those hours without technology. And you don’t know- you may enjoy it

~DON’T brag about the trip for weeks before and after~ this is just a really inconsiderate and insensitive thing to do to those who aren’t going. Also, it can get really annoying, so just no.

~DON’T under pack~ just as bad as it is to over do it, it’s worse when you’ve nothing to wear at all! Bring an extra top just incase, but again, not your whole wardrobe. Maybe a plastic bag for your dirty clothes couldn’t hurt either.

~DON’T be mean to anyone~ this trip is about the history of our school and founder so everyone, even that person who you’d love to teach a lesson to, deserves to enjoy it. So just be nice and pretend that that annoying person doesn’t exist for the most part and you’ll be fine!

~DON’T scare yourself by watching a plane crash documentary~ just… Don’t, ok?

~DON’T go on all the rides and make yourself sick~ do I really need to explain this one?

And finally, do have fun, because how often are you gonna be able to go abroad with your best friends AND be away from your parents at the same time?

Meet us ( with your suitcase etc,) at:
WHEN?; Wednesday, 9th of April, 7a.m sharp.
WHERE?; at the Model school entrance, where a bus will take you to Cork airport.
Make sure you had a good breakfast and have a warm coat on.

So… Not going to France, eh?
That’s ok! I’m here to guide you on what to do when your stuck at home while them other people are in France!
First though, here are the rules;
1) NO WHINING- it’s just one trip, there’s always the ski trip in 4th year, so don’t sweat!
2) NO WHINING TO FRIENDS WHO ARE GOING- just cause your friends are going doesn’t mean you have to complain about not going, etc; you’re bringing them down, and that’s not fair. Be their friend and be happy for them!

Ok! Now we’re done with the rules, let’s go to the fun bit;


(NOTE- these will all have some sort of a French theme!)

1~ have a ‘me day’. What I mean by this is distress your mind and chillax; re-read the hunger games while listening to Beyoncé as your slave, sorry, I mean your mom, makes you a hot chocolate with your feet warming by the fire.
Just relax and lie down and do nothing.
(TIP- dip some bread into your Hot Chocolate- this may seem weird to us but in France, it’s the norm)

2~ have a fun French day out with your friends! First, go to Penney’s and get some nail polishes in the colors of red, white and blue. Then, go home and lay out a few French desserts; macaroons, Black Forrest Gateau (that’s a cake), croissants, eclairs, meringue, whatever the hell you want- after it’s all set out, push in an old Audrey Hepburn movie- perhaps Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina, or my favorite- Funny Face (you can easily get these online) and laugh and eat as you do your French manicure to your nails and just enjoy!

3~ study your French. This is such an un-fun thing to do it depresses me to type it- but just think that at least you’ll have less to do before the summer test so… yay?
4~ redecorate your bedroom with quotes in French, as their language is beautiful! Here’s one now;
“C’est la Vie” which means “That’s Life”
5~ call your old friends. How long has it been since you’ve talked to those friends who are now in different schools? Ages, I bet! Why not organize a games night with Monopoly or Snakes n’ Ladders, Twister, Cluedo- sure, they’re old, dusty board games, but it’ll be better than sating on your iPads and iPhones the wholes night- but wait, there’s a twist! You just play these games.. In French!

I hope that’s loads to inspire you to have a fun filled five days, whether you’re in home or away!




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