Sports Saturday!

Topbutton would like to say a huge well done and hard luck to our Second Year Basketball team who unfortunately lost their county semi-final on Friday. The girls played extremely well and were on top of the game until the last quarter. Winning 28-26 in the last quarter and the final was looking good but the girls left their guard down and Pallas got a sneaky basket in the last minute to level the match to put it into extra time. Three minutes of extra time were added on to the clock, emotions were running high and the match could have went either way. Pallas scored, we scored, it was a very tight three minutes but there could only be one winner. Time was running out and Pallas were in the lead, winning 34-30 the final was slowly slipping away from us. The final whistle finally went, and the heartbreak hit the team immediately. The girls had been undefeated all year and it hurt that bit more to defeated in a semi-final. The match was nail-biting right until the very end and the girls played with such pride and did the school proud! The girls will come back fighting next year and fingers crossed they will have a county final to their name! 

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