Daffodil Day

Tommorow is daffodil day, so we here at top button would like to remind you of the many ways you can get involved with this worthy cause! 

1.  On Daffodil Day, the Garden of Hope celebrates the memory of our loved ones and also to honour, comfort and show solidarity with those who are currently living with cancer and those who have successfully come through their cancer journey. This year’s Garden of Hope will be planted in Dublin’s beautiful Iveagh Gardens on Daffodil Day, Friday, March 28th, 2014.

The Garden of Hope will be brought to life when volunteers come together and plant individual card daffodils .

Some have personal messages inscribed on the back, while others are left blank. Each of these daffodils represents a symbol of hope for thousands of people across Ireland.

Please join the Irish Cancer Society in a dedication for a loved one and raise much needed funds for the Irish Cancer Society’s services.

Here are the ways you can get involved:

 Donate online and include your personal message,  which they will attach to a daffodil in the Garden of Hope.
Tweet your message of hope by using  the Twitter hashtag #gardenofhope2014

2. Get the app!

The aim of the app is to expand the reach of the campaign and make it easier for people to get information about Daffodil Day – including an interactive map pointing out places where you can buy your daffodils!.

There will also be information informing users how to volunteer their time, donate to the cause and crucially, how your Daffodil Day support helps those affected by cancer in Ireland.

As well as allowing users to volunteer or donate, the Daffodil Day app includes up-to-date news, social media links, the history of Daffodil Day and Dell’s involvement.

The 2014 version of the app is available to download free from Google Play, Microsoft Marketplace and the iOS AppStore.


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