Yearbook 2016

A reminder to everyone that the yearbook is going on sale this week for 7 euros. Please bring in the money before Friday.



Any students who have completed your Gaisce award please bring in your completion sheet and your account of the Burren Walk ASAP.
If you need the summer to get all your activities done that’s fine just be sure to bring in your completed form and written account on the first week back in September.
Any students who are going on to do the Silver Award in fifth year, please get completed in your bronze and register for your silver before you leave here in May and get a start into your activities over the summer, this will help you to do them when you are not under as much pressure with homework, studies etc….
Completion sheets and reports to be given to Miss Leo.

Gaisce Adventure Trip- What To Bring

What to bring on the Burren walk
Comfortable walking shoes…ones you have often worn not new ones!!!
Tracksuit, leggings or running leggings
Rain jacket
Sun cream
Change of clothes for evening
Re-wear walking clothes the next day.
Bring your food to cook your dinner.
Get into groups and each person in the groups organises what to bring. There will prob be a hob, grill and microwave.
Towel – bring a small towel as you will be carrying all this for the walk.                             Water
Snacks for walking
Packed lunch for thurs
Money for lunch in Lahinch on fri
Plasters in case you have trouble with your shoes.
And have a good breakfast before you go so you’re full of energy for the walk! Have a great time